6 Lessons You Learned in Kindergarten That Are Key to PR Success

The foundation of any successful public relations program is built on fundamentals most of us learned a long time ago – back in kindergarten. That first year of school taught us several valuable lessons, including these six that can and should be applied to any PR effort:

  1. Communicate clearly
    Just like in kindergarten, clear and concise communication is crucial in public relations. The message should be easy to understand and quickly get to the point, avoiding ambiguity and confusion. This applies to both written and oral communications.
  1. Listen
    If you think back to kindergarten, you might recall your teacher saying “shhh” a lot and reminding you to listen. The importance of listening is a valuable life lesson. Good listeners are also good communicators, because communications is a two-way street. PR pros have to effectively listen to clients, reporters and other key audiences in order to identify solid story ideas, understand and overcome challenges, and absorb the information required to do their jobs well.
  1. Show empathy
    Kindergarten teaches children to understand and care about others, and this is an important lesson in PR, too. To effectively engage stakeholders, you must first understand their perspective and needs and then tailor messages that address their interests. When you do that, your communication resonates and makes a positive impact on the recipients. This creates a sense of trust and strengthens relationships.
  1. Be honest
    Honesty is a key value taught early and underscored often in the classroom, and it’s critical for public relations success. Transparency strengthens reputations and builds credibility among key stakeholders. Hiding information or lying, on the other hand, can have long-term negative repercussions on a brand’s image and result in loss of trust, just like the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” fable illustrated to us back in kindergarten.
  1. Build relationships
    PR centers around building and maintaining relationships, similar to how kids make new friends when they start school. Fostering strong relationships based on mutual respect with key audiences is essential for a successful public relations campaign. All of the lessons mentioned above – communicating clearly, listening well, showing empathy and being honest – are essential aspects of relationship-building. When you master all of those skills, you are more likely to achieve your communications and PR goals, because the people you’re engaging with will be more receptive to the information you’re conveying.
  1. Be creative
    Kindergartners are encouraged to be creative and use their imagination. In public relations, being creative and thinking outside the box can help in developing unique and effective campaigns. Fresh ideas help cut through the clutter and get brands noticed.

The seasoned pros at GYC Vegas, an award-winning Las Vegas PR agency, follow these tenets every day. They are effective communicators, relationship-builders and creatives who have the experience and expertise to help you get recognized and grow your business. We’re not in kindergarten anymore, so don’t be shy: Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can apply childhood lessons to your business advantage today.


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