Top Three Strategies to Make Your PR Plan More Effective

PR does not exist in a vacuum. Changes in business and media landscapes mean PR strategies must evolve as well. For example, younger consumers are demanding more brand transparency, and newspaper staffs continue to dwindle. There are still ways to get the job done, but sometimes it requires fresh approaches or reimagining more traditional methods.

Here are the top three ways PR practitioners can amp up their communications plans and more effectively serve clients of all sizes in any industry:

Incorporate Cause Marketing 
In recent years, purpose-driven PR has become increasingly important. This approach – which is sometimes also referred to as cause marketing – showcases a company’s commitment to social responsibility, while aiming to create a positive impact on society. Purpose-driven PR can help companies build a stronger connection with their audiences by showing they care about some of the same issues as they do.

To incorporate purpose-driven tactics into your PR plan, start by identifying your company’s values and the social or environmental issues that align. Then, develop a strategy to communicate your company’s commitment to those issues through media outreach, social media, events and other channels.

For example, if your company values sustainability, you could develop a campaign to promote your use of renewable energy sources, reduce waste or encourage recycling. Partnering with a nonprofit is another option. By highlighting your company’s environmental efforts or charitable support, you can attract customers who prioritize the same things and strengthen your reputation.

Be Authentic
In addition to expecting brands to care about social causes and give back in some way, consumers also want the companies they support to be honest and transparent. They are becoming more skeptical of traditional advertising and marketing tactics.

When people perceive you’re being upfront with them, they’re more likely to trust and engage with your brand. Transparent PR strategies could include crafting a brand philosophy that clearly articulates your organization’s purpose and values. 

You also could highlight individuals on your team, from entry-level associates to executives, and share their stories and perspectives. Humanizing your company in this way also helps build stronger connections with your audience.

Authenticity is perhaps most important when there’s a bump in the road. If your organization makes a mistake or faces a challenge, take responsibility and be as open about the situation as possible. Hiding or trying to reshape the truth can backfire by damaging your credibility and reputation. Instead, focus on the steps you’re taking to address the issue and prevent similar problems going forward. 

Use Visuals
When you talk with someone, you have the opportunity to establish rapport, trust and a more personal connection. You can also showcase your knowledge of the topics a journalist regularly covers and demonstrate your ability to provide valuable insights, illustrating the benefit of taking your calls.

No matter which medium you’re targeting, don’t forget visuals. Photos – and especially videos – capture people’s attention and help express your messaging more effectively than text alone. Compelling visuals help get people to stop scrolling. And, even when you’re pitching print publications, remember that media outlets are on a continual mission to increase their online presence. Visual elements help them attract clicks and lengthen the time online visitors engage with their sites.

The PR pros at GYC Vegas understand all of these trends and successfully execute them for clients every day. An award-winning Las Vegas PR agency, we work with organizations of all sizes, from startups and small businesses to multinational corporations. Contact us today to learn how we can adapt marketing communications tactics to today’s business environment and earn your company the recognition it deserves.


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