7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a PR Agency 

If you are resolving to grow your company in 2023, your immediate future should include working with a good public relations agency. Finding the best PR partner can help you increase brand awareness, add credibility to your business and boost customer loyalty, while establishing you as an industry expert and thought leader.  

The bottom line is that good PR is good for your bottom line. 

Before you partner with a PR firm, though, be sure to ask the following seven questions and evaluate the answers to determine if it’s a good fit: 

  1. What services do you offer? Look for an agency that can provide a full range of PR and integrating marketing communications services, including media relations, crisis management, event planning, social media strategy and more. 
  1. What is your approach to PR? Ask the agency to describe its philosophy and approach to PR. Make sure the PR experts you talk to emphasize how important it is to take a strategic approach that is specifically tailored to the needs of their clients. 
  1. What are your areas of expertise? Consider the agency’s specialties and whether they align with your PR goals. Look for a firm that has a track record of success in your industry or a related field. 
  1. Can you provide references or case studies? If possible, talk to past or current clients or review case studies of the agency’s work. In so doing, you’ll gain a sense of the kinds of results they generate and the value they bring to clients. It also can help you understand their capabilities, how they approach projects, and what it’s like to work with them. 
  1. What do you charge? Consider the agency’s fees and pricing structure, as well as any additional costs or expenses that may be incurred. Look for an agency that provides fair, transparent pricing and is open to discussing budget considerations. 
  1. How do you measure the success of your PR campaigns? Look for an agency that is able to track and measure the results of its efforts, and provides regular reports and updates. 
  1. How do you communicate with clients? Look for an agency that is responsive, transparent and proactively communicates. Effective communication is critical for building a strong working relationship and enables you to effectively collaborate on PR campaigns and initiatives.  

At GYC Vegas, an award-winning marketing communications agency, seasoned experts leverage PR to their clients’ benefit every day. We have decades of experience in dozens of industries, including health care, aviation, technology, lifestyle, hotel and gaming, entertainment and nonprofits. GYC works with organizations of all sizes and delivers PR results that align with their business goals. When it comes to measuring the success of our PR and marketing campaigns, we use relevant business metrics that include media coverage, increased consumer awareness, online visits, foot traffic and sales revenue. Contact us to learn how we can help you grow your brand through personalized, proven, hands-on PR services that set you apart from your competition.  


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