5 Tips for Creating Story Angles to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Every brand wants to stand out among its competition. Doing so requires an organization to form healthy relationships with its audience, polish its reputation, and raise brand awareness. Part of that relationship is established through public relations and the relaying of stories. These stories are often sparked through surveys or statistics, or perhaps current political or social events. But there are other approaches on a smaller and sometimes even personal scale that can be effective. Here are five story angles that can be unique to your business and yourself.

1. Peculiar News and Events

The world is constantly changing. Connecting your stories to new developments in your field and the world at large is a tactic that has proven to be effective. But how about those news stories that may raise an eyebrow, like the battle of the Joshes in Nebraska or the potential black market for Legos? Peculiar news items may provide an unusual lead to your story, but they can also be an effective hook

2. Your Office Life

Few things are less attractive in 2021 than faceless companies. An office (remember those?) and the people in it share stories on a daily basis. Why not share some of them with your audience? You can tell your audience about what made a certain day special, or about how your team makes things happen behind the scenes. You can tell them about the latest office joke or prank. Perhaps you have a daily ritual? An office-related story can humanize your company instantly.

3. Your Personal Life

Speak about humanizing your company:the current pandemic can be a goldmine when it comes to leads. Personal stories about your daily struggles in balancing life and work from home can echo with your audience. Share personal anecdotes. Be quirky. Be weird. Be personable. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down and let your (potential) clients and customers see who they are dealing with while establishing a genuine connection.

4. Your Company’s History

Brands often look into their history to tell compelling stories. The origin stories of Apple or Microsoft are well-known, as is the secrecy surrounding Coca-Cola’s recipe or Google’s algorithm. Think about your company’s origins. Think about your potential myths. The more unique your angle, the more likely you will hook your audience.

5. Customer’s Questions and Feedback

PR is about communication, and communication is never a one-way street. As a business, you are likely focusing on what you can offer to your customers. You might also already educate your customers about your product and industry-related topics. But what if the roles were reversed? For example, every unsatisfied customer gives you valuable insight into their thought process by asking questions and giving feedback – both positive and negative. Those interactions inform you about what potential customers are looking for and how you can meet their needs. So don’t be afraid to share an experience where you could not help your customer, but use it to show how you learned from the experience and how it fostered change.

These are just some unique angles to consider for your next media pitch. To find the right story angle for your brand, contact the experts at GYC, the leading PR agency in Las Vegas.

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