How to Decide Which Marketing Methods to Promote Your Business

Coordinated marketing methods help your business reach your target audience, educate that audience as to why your product or service is better than the competition, boost your customer base, and ultimately grow your business.

Unless your business uses integrated marketing tools — tools that present harmonized marketing efforts across multiple channels — customers will be quick to forget your message, if they see it at all.

To have long-lasting and productive marketing impact, you need a cohesive message that uses a customized mix of marketing tools reinforcing your brand. Your marketing methods should include a combination of advertising, digital marketing, PR, social media, and events.

Advertising—Traditional and Digital

Traditional advertising typically involves marketing strategies that boost brand coverage in print — newspapers and industry-specific magazines — as well as through conventional broadcasting channels such as radio and TV. In contrast, digital advertising comprises marketing strategies that boost a brand’s online presence and visibility. Advertising has always been a central ingredient in marketing strategies, but where your advertising budget can and should focus has changed dramatically in the last few years. In 2010, traditional advertising accounted for more than three-quarters of most businesses’ marketing spend. In 2019, this split was close to 50/50.

Prospective and recurring customers are almost always online. Digital marketing tools provide the methods required to engage them. As online marketing budgets increase, your business will need to stay on top of the latest advertising trends for platforms such as Google and Twitter. According to a 2019 Digital Marketing Strategies Report, the most profitable digital marketing strategies include some of the following:

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating high-quality, original, educational, and engaging content across your online channels. Quality content is written in your brand voice and addresses pain points for which your customers may be looking for insights. Good content that optimizes keywords and other SEO tools is an essential ranking tool for Google, meaning it can bring customers to you via search results.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools can help your website stand out and drive customers to your site.

  • Optimized keywords,usedsmartly in all website content and URLs, improve searchability.
  • Quality backlinks help yourwebsite gain industry authority and better rankings.
  • Enhanced Google My Business profiles that are detailed and dynamic raise rankings on Local Results, Knowledge Panels, and Google Maps.
  • Responsive technology ensures your website’s optimal functionality on all mobile devices.
Email Marketing

Consistent and regular digital communications like email marketing attract and retain new customers to your business. The latest email marketing trends that make customers feel directly connected to your brand include personalization — like retargeting — and time-saving marketing automation. Email marketing remains one of the top marketing channels for businesses and has the highest ROI of any digital strategy for many industries.


Public relations is one of the most effective marketing tools for supporting and evolving effective marketing strategies and can transform your business’s profitability. Quality PR efforts that lead to positive media coverage create a solid brand reputation by sending the right messages to the right people through the best channels. PR agencies keep their pulse on national PR and marketing trends to use the best methods to promote their clients to the media within their industries.

Social Media

Social media marketing provides opportunities for both organic and paid social advertising. Paid ads — such as Google Ads — display to viewers on their most oft-used platforms and are often specifically targeted through usage algorithms. Deploying an organic social media strategy allows businesses to create their own engaging content and interact directly with current and potential users.


Combined with PR and media relations, event marketing — using real-time engagements — can help you build a more meaningful and long-lasting relationship with your customers. Offline or online, your business can participate as a host, guest, or sponsor. An event marketing strategy can boost your brand awareness and help your business stand out from the crowd.

To help you decide which marketing methods are suitable for your business, contact the top-ranked PR agency in Las Vegas, GYC Vegas. We have the resources to support you.

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