How to Expand Scope of Work with the Clients You Already Have

When you have a small business, a large portion of your work is probably dedicated to landing new clients. But how can you grow your business without neglecting the clients you already have? There are several things you can do to keep clients engaged and to show that you are committed to them and their success. The scope of work is the set of services that you are responsible for your client, and it is valuable to be able to expand on those responsibilities when the situation calls for it.

The most important strategy involves determining the areas where your client’s marketing efforts are lacking and then offer to fill those gaps.  For example, a business may be doing a great job with their email marketing but not doing enough to engage with their audience on social media. In this case, they may need some extra help in that lacking department. Whether you’ve been doing business for a client for a few months or a few years, examining the following areas of the client’s business will help you successfully expand your scope of work.

Offer to Spruce Up Their Social Media

All clients, regardless of their industry, can benefit from social media presence. Although it’s best to have a presence on several social media platforms, it’s not necessary to use them all. Some platforms are better for different industries, but if the content they’re sharing isn’t strategic they may be wasting their time. For example, is the content driving traffic to your client’s doors or to their website? Are they creating true calls to action? If they’re not developing content that engages with their audience, and showcases the benefits of their services, you have an opportunity to fill an underserved effort.

Look at Their Advertising Efforts

Help a client improve their advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience. Having seen the impact of social media in the past year, more and more companies are looking for ways to get more potential customers  interested in their business. A great way to start is by engaging in paid advertising. There are many affordable mediums for advertising, such as digital marketing, trade publications, or even social media ads or boosting posts, or creating shoppable content.

Review Their Website Design

A well-designed website can have a huge impact on your business. If a client’s website appears outdated, propose  redesigning it for them. The world of business is all about first impressions, and a successful website can help your company establish credibility. Remind them that their website is a direct reflection of their company.

Help Them With Business Development

Assess if your client needs help with business development. Business development may be seen as part of an organization’s marketing department, but it is more than just marketing. At its core, business development is about strategically creating and capturing opportunities for the organization to increase awareness, develop partnerships, drive sales and achieve its business goals. Business development activities need to be structured, well-planned, and well-executed to help the organization achieve its overall objectives. The process is a critical component of a flourishing business, and because they hire you for your marketing expertise, your client might appreciate help in this area.

When you grow a business with a client, there comes a point where the project’s demands and size may outgrow the team’s ability to manage it. Contact the top-ranked PR agency in Las Vegas, GYC Vegas, for help with any of the above areas, and to craft a campaign strategy to bring in more clients.

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