How Shoppable Content is the New Marketing Trend

Marketers navigate an ever-evolving, technology-driven landscape that’s all about speed and engagement. To find success with consumers in the digital age, it is vital to reach out to them in the right way, at the right time, with the right message—and that means connecting with them on a level that meets the demands of a digitally empowered customer.

The concept of shoppable content is a key new marketing trend that companies are looking to capitalize on. In simple terms, shoppable content includes an integrated component allowing the consumer to directly purchase the company’s products or services. This new marketing trend allows companies to reach a broader audience and gives their consumers the ability to shop directly from a company’s website through content. This marketing trend ultimately helps companies bring in more sales for the products and services they offer.

The concept is simple: If you read an article and find something interesting, you can click on the image and be taken directly to the website’s store.  This has become a first-line way to reach customers, and business owners are finding that it is a great way to connect with consumers and build brand loyalty.

The Pillars of Shoppable Content 

1.     Writing

No matter which platform you use to promote your products or services, you can include shoppable content within your company’s text-based information. Text-based content includes writing articles, guides, blogs, and other pieces made to educate and entertain your audience so that they learn more about your product or service and are more likely to purchase from you. Including such quality content on your website or social media establishes your brand as a reputable source for information in its field. The aim is to gain your audience’s trust through words, leading to customers engaging and ultimately making a purchase from your shoppable content.

2.     Images

Using images to sell products isn’t just for social media influencers; it’s an effective marketing strategy for any company. Photos have the potential to captivate your audience and promote your product. Content with an attractive image is always more likely to get retweeted, shared, and liked on social media. The best-performing content on the web is content that has been optimized for click-throughs. If you’re looking to optimize your products for clicks, you may want to consider using shoppable images on your website or blog.

3.     Videos

Videos are a major tactic for brands looking to improve their online presence and social media marketing to drive sales. Over the past five years, the number of businesses using video as a marketing strategy has increased by 41%.  While creating video content might require more effort than text or photos, it can be well worth the results. An effective video should tell a compelling story and display the brand’s values, while also being entertaining. Since videos can be placed on your website, social media pages, and even your email signature, they offer a way to reach a wide variety of customers.

Businesses need to keep up with marketing trends; otherwise, they risk being left behind. The same applies to companies with a web presence but are not making use of shoppable content. The old method of pushing out a message to a passive audience is no longer relevant. Customers want to be part of the conversation—and that’s where shoppable content comes into play. For assistance with incorporating shoppable content into your marketing strategy, reach out to Vegas’s top public relations agency, GYC Vegas.

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