A Guide to Developing Your Diversity and Equality Strategy Plan

The topic of diversity and equality continues to gain traction in the corporate world, not merely as an HR initiative but also as a business strategy. It is a fact that diverse companies deliver better results and attract top talent. A report by Deloitte revealed millennials and Gen Z gravitate towards diverse companies because they associate them with innovation. Not to mention, these two generations will make up much of the workforce by 2025. Of course, embracing diversity and equality to foster a safe and welcoming environment in the workplace should already be an inherent aim for your business.

A part of creating a healthy work atmosphere is acknowledging that each one of us is unique—no matter the race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their place of employment. Further, celebrate employees for their different educational backgrounds and the soft skills they bring to the table. Although many businesses are already striving towards creating a safe space with or without a formal plan, establishing a strategy is still necessary to ensure the company is achieving its diversity and equality initiatives. Here are some guidelines to get you started on developing your business’s diversity and equality strategy.

Tip #1: Recruit Outside of Your Network

It is easy to find talent within your circle. However, only considering candidates from your network might leave you with a limited pool of options. These candidates more likely come from a similar educational and career background as you. Broaden your search by looking at applicants with skills outside of the traditional requirements that match the job description.

Tip #2: Look at Your C-Suite

As the face of your business, your leadership team should be diverse individuals with varying backgrounds. You want fresh perspectives that can speak on different topics regarding the company.

Tip #3: Make Sure Hires Are on Board

During the interview process, you will want to ask candidates about their opinion on diversity and equality to ensure potential future employees’ values match those of your diversity and equality initiative. For example, you might want to ask how they would deal with coworkers who have opposing beliefs.

Tip #4: Walk the Talk

It is not enough to implement a diversity and equality plan; you must adequately execute the policy. Sometimes well-intentioned ideas get sidetracked by debates, so make sure you develop an action plan to hold your team accountable.

Tip #5: Tweak Your Hiring Approach

Rather than only selecting candidates who meet the status quo, have your HR team broaden their selection process beyond the necessary qualifications and consider candidates who have pursued their passions beyond a traditional career path.

Start incorporating these tips into your approach for your staffing and business plans and begin to see the results in your employees’ satisfaction. GYC Vegas, a top-ranked Las Vegas PR agency, can flesh out these tips with you and help you develop the ultimate diversity and equality strategy.

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