How to Host a Digital Event That’ll Make Your Guests Forget It’s on ZOOM

These days, just about everything has gone digital, including events. From work Zoom meetings to conferences and product launches, digital events are more popular than ever. Of course, the planning process looks a little different for an event that’s happening online—you don’t need to find a physical venue. Be careful not to plan your digital event on autopilot, however. More people are spending time on video platforms as of late, so it will take a well-organized event to get them to push through the screen fatigue and attend. Here are some tips to increase engagement at your next digital event.

It’s All About Content

A digital event can be so much more than a bunch of people talking over video. Don’t be afraid to produce some compelling content that will draw in more attendees. How will guests benefit from attending the event? Maybe you’re offering exclusive access to your latest products or giving people a glimpse behind the scenes at your company. You could bring in special guests for a keynote speech or an informal interview or provide networking opportunities.

An essential tip for organizing a digital event is to make sure your guests are engaged. Most people don’t want to spend the entire event as a silent spectator with their video camera off. Even if your event involves speakers or a webinar, consider allowing your guests the opportunity to interact and greet one another. It helps make virtual events feel a little more personal, and attendees feel more a part of the event.

Plan Ahead

Like any event, it’s essential to have a plan for your digital soirée, and there are a few items unique to digital events. Some aspects to consider are the same as in-person events. For example, is there a cost to attend, or is it free? Will you provide a recording of the event, or is it only live streamed?

The event’s date and time are also crucial because you’ll want to make sure it’s convenient for people to attend. One vital element for virtual events is different time zones. You may have attendees from other regions or foreign countries. Try to choose a convenient time for multiple time zones if possible and be sure to specify time zones on any promotional materials to avoid confusion.

Be Social

Social media often goes together with virtual events to promote it beforehand and during the event. Consider live-tweeting or documenting your event with Instagram Stories and encourage attendees to engage with your social media content. Make an event page on Facebook. They can share their experiences on Facebook and Instagram Stories with other people attending the event.

Another advantage of hosting virtual events is capturing metrics and analytics to determine an event’s success and attendee engagement, useful in planning future virtual events.

Be Inclusive

Do your best to make your event as inclusive as possible by including subtitles and captions or ASL interpretations for guests who may be deaf or hard of hearing and using large-sized font and photo descriptions for visually impaired individuals. You’ll want your event entertaining and easy to understand to all attendees, so all guests notice and appreciate your best intentions for inclusivity.

Some attendees may have technical issues during the event. Try to provide as much support as possible by providing plenty of information on accessing the event when registering. Give a list of technical FAQs and offer assistance. Giving more to assure your guests have a positive experience will be appreciated.

If this is your first time hosting a virtual event, don’t panic — a lot of the planning is like an in-person one. Contact the experts at GYC Vegas for all your Event Planning and Social Media needs.

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