A Comprehensive Guide to Promoting Your Business on Social Media

Using social media is no longer optional, or even a supplementary stream of marketing — it is now absolutely essential to building an audience for your business. With so many social media platforms out there and new ones being created all the time, there may be areas of social media strategy that you’re missing out on. Here are a few tips that will help you maximize the potential of some of the major social media platforms.


Facebook is the best-known platform for social media marketing and the easiest to use. There is a huge surplus of content out there, so you’ll want to make sure your posts stand out from the rest using photos, video content, and paid advertisements. Pro tip: even short animations will count as video content on this platform, so don’t be afraid to use them!


Most people know that Twitter has a character limit of 280, so it’s important to keep things short and sweet on this platform. Tagging other profiles and using popular hashtags can help to boost your content here. Doing a little hashtag research can go a long way to help you reach your target audience. Don’t forget to pin Tweets to your profile that are particularly important so that more people see them. Twitter threads engage a surprising number of people and can be a great way to work in longer content on the platform.


Instagram is all about the visuals, so make sure you have some stunning images for this platform. This is another area where your hashtag research can really come through for you — while users typically only include one or two hashtags per post on Twitter, you can use as many as you like on Instagram. Some Insta profiles actually request that you use a specific hashtag if you want them to like or share your post, so gathering up useful hashtags and their corresponding profiles may be helpful. Instagram Stories are your best friend because they boost your posts to the top of people’s Newsfeeds, so be sure to make use of these and all of their features, including countdowns and question boxes to engage your audience.


TikTok is another platform where it’s important to keep things short. A TikTok video can only be 15 seconds long, so you’ve got to get straight to the point and provide your users with quality content. Alternatively, you can string together four TikTok videos for a minute of content. TikTok users tend to scroll past videos pretty quickly if they don’t find them interesting, so you’ll want to make sure you pack some punch within the first few seconds of your TikTok content. Two surefire ways to engage people on this platform are providing them with content that is either cute or funny — so if you have any adorable animals around or quirky stories to share, this is the place to do so!

Other Platforms

There may be some social media platforms you aren’t using that are missed opportunities for marketing. YouTube should be used as an archive for video footage that is shared on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook — somewhere all of your video content can be gathered in one place rather than a place people discover your video content. A surprising amount of people shop on Pinterest, so make sure you’re Pinning regularly and including lots of product photos on this platform. Even Reddit can be used for marketing purposes, either through paid ads or by targeting specific subreddits.

There are a lot of possibilities out there when it comes to social media marketing. To give your company’s digital profile a professional edge, contact GYC Vegas today.

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