5 Tips for Creating Story Angles to Pitch Media

Getting media coverage for your brand or company is a fantastic way to earn credibility with consumers. This doesn’t mean that all media coverage is created equal. It’s essential to identify the right outlets and journalists. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you have a story angle that will catch media attention in the first place.

So, how do you create eye-catching story angles? The first thing to consider is that developing story ideas will be a creative process as much as a business strategy. Whoever creates them will need to have a deep understanding of your company and brand to better channel their ideas. Fortunately, a great candidate to do that is you. Here are a few tips to help along the way. 

Fish For Ideas

The great filmmaker David Lynch frequently talks about the origin of ideas and how to capture them. He suggests that ideas are like fish swimming in the sea and that you have to try and catch them. To do that, it’s essential to use good bait. Granted, his films may not relate to your company or brand, but his creative process can help.

Think about your company as that stretch of sea where you’ll fish for ideas. Read news and pop culture websites. Are there any trends or newsworthy stories that relate to your company? After this, search internally. Are there any events happening in your company? Maybe you’re launching an amazing new product or celebrating your anniversary.  Remember that accumulation of ideas leads to better brainstorming. Maybe you can take a piece of one angle and combine it with another to make it better. Save these ideas as they come. Your notepad app is an excellent tool for this. 

Research Thoroughly

Start off by identifying those media outlets and journalists that you’ll want to contact. Read their work and get a clear understanding of the editorial line. Ask yourself how it will help get your message across? Make sure that you are reading a variety of media outlets daily to have a clear idea of the trends happening at every moment. News moves fast, so you don’t want to miss your opportunity. Listen to your clients. Are there any trends appearing in the questions they ask you? This can be valuable information to have when developing your angles.

Make Good Use of Your Statistics

Media outlets and journalists will most likely be interested in story angles that are backed by statistics. During your idea generation stage, start thinking about the best ways to collect valuable statistics to accompany your story that best highlight top trends within your industry. A simple but effective way of doing this is launching a survey related to your company and the story angle. Finding statistics from reputable sources is another option, but it’s always better if you are the data generator. You want to make sure that you are asking the right questions on your survey. The statistics you collect will be the base of your media pitch. 

Structure Your Media Pitch

Creating the right media pitch will make all the difference between being ignored or featured by a journalist. Ensure that you start strong and let them know from the get-go why they’ll be interested in your story. You also want to include a clear call to action. This lets the journalist know what you want them to do. This can be a mention of your survey or a full-on product review. The statistics you have for them will help you stand out from the crowd, so make sure you dedicate enough time and effort to collecting this information. 

Write and Distribute Your Pitch

Once you have a clear structure and all the statistics to back your story angle, start writing your media pitch. Make sure that it’s concise and easy to follow. Make sure to add other relevant contact information. When you’re concluding, you can also take the time to remind the journalist of your call to action. Now it’s time to press the send button. 

Getting the right media coverage for your brand or company is the best way to spread your brand voice. Now it’s just a matter of finding that story angle that will make a journalist want to write about it. With the proper research and data collection, you can be sure that your story angle and media pitch will be well received. If you need more help improving your brand reputation or generating story angles to pitch media, contact our team of public relations experts at GYC Vegas.   

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