How to Prove the Value of PR

PR is much more than securing media placements. PR is essential for creating awareness and growing brand recognition, as well as managing an organization’s reputation when needed, like an advertising campaign gone wrong or facing online criticism. A strong PR strategy creates better relationships with the community by forming bonds with influencers as well as other companies within your industry while promoting your core brand values. All of this will result in better sales, greater customer engagement, and a healthy company image. To prove the value and return on investment for your public relations efforts, you can follow these suggestions. 

Know Your Organization

When proving PR’s value, you must clearly understand how the company or brand works, its values, and, most importantly, its goals. A good starting point is to find out what the projected sales goals are for the year. If you know the ultimate measure of success for your organization, you’ll be able to target your PR efforts more effectively. This will also serve as a map to determine which statistics will back up the value of your PR strategies. 

Data and Statistics Are Your Allies

There is much more useful data to prove your PR efforts’ value than sales spikes generated by media placements. If you have data analysts in your organization, make sure to work closely with them. You’ve already identified the statistics that reflect your PR efforts. Now it’s time to analyze them. These statistics can be anything from visits to a website to finding the amount of returning customers. This is why the previous step is so important. Only by having a vast understanding of your organization’s goals and values will you be able to look for the right data. 

If your organization does not have a person or department gathering and analyzing data, use a specialized software tool to find all of the valuable statistics you need. If you still feel like you need to collect more or better data, surveys and polls are a fantastic method for gathering useful information. Thorough research is required to determine the right questions to ask. 

Talk to Other Departments

Make sure that your PR strategy aligns with the goals of other departments, and share your strategy with them. Ensuring that everyone has clarity about your PR goals and tactics is a great way to find methods in which different departments can help you put it into action. More importantly, you can go back to those departments later and collect data on how your PR strategy has helped them reach their company goals. 

Take The First Step

Don’t wait until executives or management ask you to prove the value of your PR strategy. Ensure that you’ve collected that data and selected the highlights to present to your C-Suite. Remember that everyone will be looking for a different metric to measure success. 

Having a PR strategy is a crucial asset to any organization. Proving its worth involves a process, research, data collection, and ensuring excellent communication with other departments. This will all result in having a clear approach to presenting this value. If you need help creating effective PR strategies, contact our team of professionals at GYC Vegas

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