Using PR to Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

There’s lots of fish in the sea. This is something often said in response to making choices in life, ranging from dating to running your own business. It’s meant to be a comforting statement that indicates there are a lot of options out there to choose from (as in significant others or customers). However, it doesn’t take into account the fact that there are a lot of fishermen in the sea as well.

As a business owner, this means that there might be a ton of potential customers out there but also a lot of other companies competing for the same pool of consumers. That’s why you should consider these helpful PR tactics for making your company stand out from your competitors.

Put a Spotlight on Educating Consumers

In a world where it seems like every brand is constantly trying to sell consumers something, sometimes the best thing that you can do is stop selling. This isn’t suggesting to avoid mentioning your product or service at all, but don’t make it the focus of your content. Instead, set out to create some blog posts or other types of content that are specifically designed to help educate consumers about industry-related topics that they might commonly struggle with.

This is a tactic that few brands practice, and will immediately set you apart from the sea of other companies simply striving to sell as many things as possible at all times. Plus, it will also help you on the SEO front by helping to create valuable content that ranks higher and establishes your business as an authority.

Participate in Industry Events

It might seem counterintuitive to try and stand out at events where tons of your competitors are gathered together. However, this is another effective way to help establish your brand as an expert. Plus, this means more exposure with audiences that might not know about you yet.

An even better strategy is to obtain a speaking role at one of these events. By serving as  a keynote speaker or presenter, you’re able to ensure that the vast majority of people attending these events/conferences are paying attention to you for at least a few minutes, which is plenty of time to help your brand stand out if done properly.

Embrace Social Media

There is no denying that social media is king when it comes to marketing or advertising of any kind nowadays. That is why you need to make sure you are not shying away from social media or just dipping your toe into it. You need to be fully embracing it with open arms, which means setting up, managing, creating content, posting, engaging with followers, and regularly updating business profiles on at least three or four major social media platforms at the same time.

This will really help you stand out from the vast majority of businesses who either don’t have social media accounts or seldom update them. And it is an especially helpful way to set your company apart in the eyes of consumers who are seeking expert advice, knowledge, and engagement.

By following these helpful tactics, you can be the company that many consumers pay attention to rather than blending into the sea of competitors. Whether you are interested in doing one or multiple of these strategies, you can make it effortless by reaching out to our team of Las Vegas PR agency experts at GYC Vegas.

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