Learn How to Properly Respond to Negative Social Media Comments

When using social media to promote your business, it’s not a matter of if but when you will experience your first negative interaction online. The vast majority of consumers have at least one social media account, and they’re not afraid to use these platforms as a megaphone for their opinion about your products, services, or company ethics.

In fact, about 46 percent of consumers use social media to call out brands. Therefore, you should know how to properly respond to this online criticism. Otherwise, you could end up saying the wrong thing and add fuel to the fire. Here are a few solid tips on how to successfully respond to any negative social media comments.

Respond Quickly

When is the last time you’ve been able to successfully avoid an issue by simply ignoring it? Chances are that this rarely or never works. So don’t use silence as your preferred tool against negative comments. By making sure to respond to these comments in a timely manner, you can help show customers that you take their opinion seriously. That’s why you should be responding to these comments within 24 hours.

Don’t Delete the Comment

One of the worst things you can do is delete a negative comment. This makes your audience feel like you don’t value their criticism and are trying to silence them. So don’t rely on that block or delete button as your go-to response. Otherwise, what might have been one issue at first can easily turn into several as customers complain about how you handled the negative online interaction.

Avoid Getting Defensive

It can be very tempting to launch into defensive mode when someone criticizes your brand. However, you’re going to need to fight this instinct and instead try to take ownership of the situation.

By acknowledging your responsibility for the issue, you can likely get people to see the responsible and human side of your business. As a mini-crisis, these negative comments can often be successfully handled with a single well-worded apology.

Provide a Custom Response

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to cut and paste a standard social media response. This will make your social media presence seem much more robotic, which goes directly against what you’re trying to achieve in the previous tip.

Instead, create a response that is customized enough to make the customer feel like you have taken the time to read through their comment and are taking it very seriously. Even just including the person’s name, mentioning the issue they’re having, and then providing a customer service phone number or email address to continue the conversation offline should be enough customization.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully respond to any negative social media comments that come your way. To help ensure that you never make a critical mistake when dealing with online criticism, make sure that you contact our team of Las Vegas PR experts at GYC Vegas today.

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