Why It Pays to Fight Online Criticism With Humor

When your company has official social media accounts, you can expect to get a wide variety of interactions from consumers. But sooner or later, you will come across some online criticism since 37 percent of customers will take to social media when they have a customer service issue. So how are you prepared to handle this criticism?

You should already have a PR response plan that includes how to handle negative social media coverage, as social media platforms are an essential part of public relations. But what your plan may be missing are guidelines on how to properly infuse humor into social media interactions. Here’s why using humor in response to online criticism may be the missing key to mastering social media.

It Shows the Human Side of Your Brand

It’s easy for a brand to come off as being a bit robotic, especially on social media platforms. However,   brands that deliver more personable content develop emotional connections with consumers, which results in earning twice the customer retention rate.

When you decide to start integrating humor into your social media interactions, it lets your followers see the more human side of your company. This reminds them that it isn’t a heartless robot behind the social accounts, and that your brand is made up of a team of professionals who care about their customers.

It Gives Consumers What They Are Looking For

A lot of people specifically use social media in order to find stuff that will make them laugh. In fact, about 72 percent of consumers actually expect brands to post humorous content online. This extends to the comments that you post in response to something a consumer said about your brand. So by trying to inject humor into your replies, you can help give the audience exactly what they want to see from a brand and help win them over.

But not every situation is appropriate for a humorous response, so make sure that you’re properly reading the room before breaking out your best jokes. For example, using a joke to reply to concerns about your app security issue will most likely not be received well. So use humor with a certain degree of caution.

Avoid Being Snarky

While humor is a great tool in responding to online criticism, snarkiness isn’t. But if you’re not well-versed in the use of humor on social media, it can be very easy to cross the line without realizing it. That’s why it can be helpful to have an experienced PR agency to help construct your social media criticism responses to ensure your responses are timely and appropriate .

If partnering with a Las Vegas PR agency to help you use humor on social media is something that piques your interest, then our team of public relations professionals is always ready to help your brand unlock its funny bone. Just make sure to contact us at GYC Vegas to get started right away.

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