How to Earn Back the Trust of Your Customers After You’ve Lost It

Trust is the key to any relationship, and is especially important between a brand and its customers. After all, someone isn’t likely to purchase your items or services if they don’t trust your company.

In our current climate, it can seem like earning the trust of your customers is a losing battle for many businesses. This is because about 42 percent of Americans view most brands as not very trustworthy. If you’re often starting behind the eight ball, especially if you’ve recently gone through a PR scandal, know there is a way to get out ahead. You just need to implement these tips on how to effectively earn back customer trust after you’ve lost it.

Distance Yourself From Untrustworthy Companies

Who you publicly associate with has big impacts on how consumers view your brand. Therefore, if you want people to believe you are committed to earning back their confidence, then you’ll need to take some steps to distance your brand from other companies and influencers that are perceived as untrustworthy.

We’ve seen a lot of notable companies recently demonstrate this in the form of deleting their Facebook account as a direct response to consumers raking Facebook over the coals for their data handling practices. So if you can find similar ways to publicly distance your brand from untrustworthy businesses, then you should do it immediately after losing customer trust.

Take Responsibility For Mistakes

It’s impossible for customers to trust companies who don’t own up to their mistakes. So you need to make sure you are publicly acknowledging the failings on your part and apologizing to your customers. By simply crafting a well-worded apology followed up with a promise to do better or make changes, you might be able to get a significant portion of your customer base to once again trust you or at least slightly increase how much trust they have for your brand.

Provide an Additional Gift

Something that consumers love even more than an apology is a free gift. So by offering some sort of additional incentive to the people you have wronged, you can let them know that you value their trust and loyalty.

If used properly, these gifts can be quite effective. In fact, offering discounts and coupons have been proven to be the most effective tactic for boosting customer loyalty.

That is why we have seen countless examples of various companies doing this, such as Capital One offering customers a couple of years of free credit monitoring after suffering a data breach that compromised the private information of over 100 million accounts. Since actions speak louder than words, providing a complementary value is a great way to help earn back lost trust of customers.

If you’re looking for help in earning back customer trust, you’ll want to get help from an experienced PR agency in Las Vegas. So get in touch with us at GYC Vegas in order to get back on your customer’s good side as soon as possible.

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