4 Ways a PR Agency Can Help Your Company During COVID-19

During times of crisis, the need for a public relations agency becomes more important than ever before. With over 100,000 small businesses throughout the U.S. permanently closing their doors due to COVID-19, there is no doubt that we are currently in the midst of an economic crisis.

That is why you should consider enlisting the services of a PR agency during this time of uncertainty. Here are four ways a PR agency can help your business stand out during the coronavirus pandemic.

Expand Social Media Presence

Now that many people are still stuck at home, they’re finding more time to endlessly scroll through their social media apps. So there has never been a better time to expand your company’s presence on major social media platforms.

A PR professional can successfully evolve your online presence and help you avoid the common social media pitfalls that many companies face. This is particularly effective for reaching younger audiences during this pandemic.

Deal With Cancelled Events or Services

Countless organizations have been forced to cancel their events this year. But how you handle this cancellation can make a significant difference to your audience.

By teaming up with a PR agency, you can avoid being one of those brands that handle COVID-related cancellations so poorly that it causes long-term damage to your brand’s public image. This is an issue that we have already seen happen quite frequently throughout the travel industry and in many other industries as well.

Update Customers on Operational Changes

Whether or not your company has closed its doors or managed to remain open during this pandemic, nearly every business has experienced operational changes as a result. This could be reduced hours, longer shipping times, or any number of other adjustments.

Keeping your customers informed about these changes is essential if you want to maintain a positive relationship with them. By hiring a PR agency, you can have media relations experts determine when and how you announce these operational changes to your audience.

Obtain New Customers

The reason why there haven’t been more than 100,000 permanent closures during the COVID-19 pandemic is that some companies had a big enough revenue stream to keep them afloat. This is only possible through a large customer base, which requires numerous promotional campaigns to achieve.

The middle of a pandemic is not the time to stop advertising. In fact, it is the time to double down on your promotional campaigns to help engage a larger audience. A PR agency has the expertise to help develop and execute impressive promotional campaigns that will help make your company shine during these dark times.

These services will help your company come out of the pandemic in the best light possible. But in order to reap these benefits, you first need to join forces with an exceptional Las Vegas PR agency. Luckily, our team of professionals at GYC Vegas is always standing by to help you navigate through the current climate or other difficult times. Check out our special grand reopening PR and marketing packages for more information.

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