Community Relations Ideas for Giving Back During the Pandemic

With the spread of COVID-19 affecting every part of the country, there are suddenly a lot more people and businesses struggling to get by. This is a good opportunity for your business to step up and lend a helping hand to these members of the community.

Helping those in need not only provides you with an excellent opportunity to promote the initiative but also helps to frame you as an empathetic business in the eyes of consumers. So in order to receive the advantages of giving back, consider some of these community relations ideas.

1. Offer Pro Bono Services

If your company is one that offers services rather than products, then you can always choose to offer your services to other individuals or struggling businesses throughout the community at no cost. These services can be from a wide range of categories, including tutoring for kids who are no longer in school, website development for businesses looking to build their own website so they can start selling products online, and many other services.

By helping out these individuals and companies with pro bono services while they are struggling, it may even result in them becoming a loyal customer in the future.


2. Donate Funds

Something else that a lot of people and small businesses need right now is money. In fact, it is estimated that the average small business only has enough financing and other resources to allow it to stay open for 45 days during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. So if your company is in a position where you can afford to donate money to a struggling business or community organization, you are not only making a significant difference, but you also benefit from being able to write it off as a charitable donation.

3. Establish a Company-Wide Volunteer Day

If you do not have financing to be able to donate, another great way you can help is by offering up your employees for volunteer opportunities. There are a lot of organizations throughout the community that could always use an extra pair of helping hands. By setting aside a day for all of your employees to volunteer at a charity or organization in need, it can make a big impact on your community.

4. Initiate a Letter-Making Campaign

There is a very real possibility that your employees might be a little apprehensive about going out anywhere to volunteer right now, which means that you will find another way to give back to the community that doesn’t force them to leave their homes.

A great option that fulfills these requirements is a letter-making campaign. This involves having your employees making homemade cards to be delivered to people like hospitalized kids or elderly individuals who are greatly impacted by this pandemic. So the employees can make these cards from the comfort of their own homes and then give them to the organization to be distributed throughout the community.


Make your company known as a friend of the community by choosing to do one or more of these helpful community relations ideas. To find out more methods that you can use to frame your company in a good light, make sure to enlist the help from our PR team at GYC Vegas.


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