Tailoring Your Messaging During COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused serious disruptions in every industry. At this point, it is impossible for most businesses to come out of this pandemic unscathed; however, that means your top priority should be focusing on coming out of this crisis as strongly as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is to start tailoring your messaging to better suit the current COVID-19 situation. If this is something that you want to accomplish, here are a few tips to incorporate.

1. Communicate How It’s Affecting Your Operations

There is a very good chance that the COVID-19 pandemic has slightly limited your operational capabilities, which is something that is going to have a direct impact on your customers. Therefore, it is crucial that you let them know about this as soon as possible. If there are going to be any disruptions to your services or product distribution, then this messaging should be sent out across multiple platforms as soon as possible and finish with a brief apology at the bottom as well.

2. Focus on Actions Rather Than Feelings

Trying to understand the rules surrounding the inclusion of apologies or statements of sympathy can seem a little frustrating at times. This is because you should always make sure to include this element in all of your messaging during COVID-19, but including too much of it in each message can actually end up backfiring.

After over a month of receiving empathetic and sympathetic messages from seemingly every company they’ve ever had an interaction with, consumers have grown tired of these types of messages when they provide no actual value. But neglecting to include these statements at all might make your company be perceived as coldhearted or ignorant.

The best way to walk the line is to include a sentence or two on at the end of every piece of messaging that is both very sympathetic in nature and focused on actions rather than feelings. By stating what your company is doing to make things better for your employees, customers, and the general public, it is going to be received much better by consumers.

3. Communicate More Often

One of the best things a company can do with its messaging during this COVID-19 pandemic is to simply have more of it. No one wants to be left in the dark, and if your business goes a while without communicating, this is exactly what it is going to feel like. This pandemic has become a very quick-changing situation, which means consumers are looking for regular updates from companies. At the least, you should be maintaining your pre-coronavirus communication frequency.


By incorporating these tips into your business messages during the COVID-19 pandemic, it will help to place you in a much better light through the eyes of consumers. Get hands-on assistance by contacting our professional Las Vegas PR team at GYC Vegas today.

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