How to Ensure Your Communications Are Bias-Free 

Bias is all around you, and it’s a natural part of you. As a business owner, though, you have a social responsibility to your brand and customers to avoid biased communications. The first step to creating bias-free content is to understand it and become self-aware of your own biases.


 Learn About Cognitive Biases

By definition, cognitive biases are a way of thinking that affects how you process information. As a result, they affect your judgments and decisions. How you process information is a natural cognitive function like solving a problem or developing a habit.


Cognitive biases help you determine what you should remember and what you should forget. However, they can develop in a negative way, which is why deceptive news can spread so quickly. Fortunately, you can develop self-awareness of your biases.


 Get Out of Your Bubble

It’s not bad to surround yourself with people who are like you. However, it can hide your cognitive biases and prevent you from building empathy for how different people experience the world.


Stepping outside of your bubble and intentionally getting to know people who are different can make you more aware and promote growth. You don’t have to meet these people in person. You can open yourself up to diversity by reading a variety of news sources, websites, and other resources.


 Use the REACH Steps

When you seek to improve what you know about diversity issues and biases, you can use the REACH screen to apply what you’ve learned. This process stands for Representation, Experience, Accessibility, Compensation, and Harm reduction. These steps help you consider a range of elements in your communication with others.


First, you reflect on how an issue affects diverse people and whether you’re the right person to discuss it. Then, you analyze the wording that you use and whether your content needs further explanation. Finally, you examine your content to avoid stereotypical wording, clichés, and stigmas.


 Get Help From a Public Relations Professional

Even people who are self-aware of their biases make mistakes when they communicate with others. Since it’s vital for companies to avoid these mistakes, hiring a Henderson or Las Vegas public relations agency like GYC Vegas is the ideal solution.


Offering some of the best PR in Henderson and Las Vegas, the company can help you create bias-free communications, including news releases, website content, and social media content. When you have a crisis, the firm can help you manage and rebuild your brand image.


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