Fine Tune Your Business Writing This Spring

You may write emails to colleagues and proposals to clients on a daily basis. However, is your writing as effective and clear as it can be? Although most people think that they write well, many of them don’t. Typos are everywhere, including trending news stories and LinkedIn profiles.

When it comes to news releases, though, it’s important for your writing to be concise and correct to avoid costly mistakes. In fact, billions of dollars are lost every year because of bad business writing. Fortunately, there’s room for everyone to improve. Here are five tips for improving your business writing.


  1. Plan What You’ll Write

Before you start typing or scribbling, think about what you want to say. Working out what you’re thinking as you write results in repetitive, meandering, and less-structured text. Instead, think about what your audience should get out of your news release. If you aren’t immediately clear about it, spend some time gathering your thoughts first.


  1. Be Direct and Avoid Jargon

The structure and writing style that you learned in school doesn’t have the same effect in the business world. Rather than wait to reveal your message in the middle of the text, make it apparent right away. Doing so saves your readers time and makes your point clear.

You can also make your point clear by using as few words as possible. For instance, you don’t need to say “point of view” when “viewpoint” will suffice. Another example is using contractions, such as “don’t” in place of “do not.”


On top of that, you should avoid using industry-specific acronyms and buzzwords because they indicate that your thoughts are cluttered and lazy. Your readers may not understand what you’re saying, either.


  1. Proofread or Have Someone Else Proof It

Before publication, all writers review their work, and you should too. Reading it aloud could help you catch your mistakes. If you don’t trust your proofreading abilities, though, ask someone else to proof it for you. You could use a spell-checker, but it’s not as good as having another person look at your work.


  1. Leave Time for Rewrites

You can only do your best writing when you leave enough time for it. Even when you need to get it done quickly, giving yourself enough time to write and do something else before the refining process can make a big difference. Then, you can rewrite parts of it if necessary.


  1. Hire Help When You Need To

When you’re too busy to spend sufficient time on your news release, it’s best to hire someone to do it for you. GYC Vegas is a Las Vegas with years of experience preparing and distributing releases. In fact, it’s a PR agency Las Vegas and Henderson businesses rely on for media monitoring, coverage and relations.

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