Tips for Updating Your Media Pitch

A lot of media pitches sound similar in that they rely on the same basic startup storyline. While your inception story could certainly be part of your brand story, you can’t rely on that novelty appeal.

Since many companies have rags-to-riches backgrounds or problem-solving angles, your media pitch needs more to stand out from the rest. When you understand the ultimate goal behind your pitch, you can do three things to make it stick out in the crowd.


 Understanding What a Media Pitch Is All About

A media pitch is an outline of the newsworthiness and relevance of a story. You send it to a magazine, newspaper, television, or blog in an email. The ultimate goal is to spark interest in your story so that the journalist, editor, blogger, or producer wants to cover it.


  1. Take a Fresh Approach

While some hard-luck stories make it into the media, most of them don’t because they aren’t original. If your brand story sounds too similar to them, rethink your strategy.

Consider how your message and product is truly different from the others and how the public can benefit from your message. Emphasizing those elements in your media pitch will grab more media attention.


  1. Use a Great Hook

Journalists, editors, and producers like to read new content in the fields that they regularly cover. Because of that, they focus more on stories that have relevant angles that make them newsworthy.


Aligning your pitch with related shared content or another big news story will often catch their attention. Make sure that the related content is:


  • Highly related to their previous coverage.
  • A controversial or unique take on the topic.
  • Obscure enough that they may not have read it already.



  1. Personalize the Content

Since you’re trying to persuade a media outlet to pick up your story, you should personalize your email pitch according to that outlet. You don’t want to create a generic pitch and send it to several magazines, newspapers, bloggers, or television programs.

While you can use some of the same elements, it’s essential that each email pitch is personalized for the recipient. To do that, you could quote a journalist’s writing or mention individual stories that a television show has covered.


Also, make sure that your information or insight is aligned with the reporter’s current interests and popular articles. Provide enough details for the recipient to make an immediate decision about your story too. Finally, include your contact information and applicable references.


 Hire a PR Agency for Media Relations

If you struggle to create an attention-grabbing media pitch, you aren’t the only one. In fact, that’s why public relations firms exist.

GYC Vegas is a public relations agency Las Vegas and Henderson brands have come to depend on for fresh, effective media pitches. The company has decades of experience providing media relations services for product launches, special events, marketing campaigns, and more.



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