3 Tips to Start Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Many companies have shifted to using influencer marketing to engage more with consumers and increase brand awareness and loyalty. Such individuals maintain connections with the public via social media or blogs and use their influence to promote products and services that are relevant to their niche. If you’re just getting started with influencer marketing, it’s essential to understand what it is and how it works.


 Understanding Influencer Marketing

By definition, influencer marketing is the process of leveraging the influence of well-known figures in a way that benefits your brand. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to hire celebrities.

Most successful influencers aren’t extremely famous. Instead, they have decent followings on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and the like. They may use your products already or be ideal potential consumers. The most important part, though, is that they have the attention of your target audience. As a result, they can promote your brand in authentic ways.

According to research, influencer marketing works because the majority of people turn to family, friends, and public figures for opinions about products and services before they buy. In fact, they’re more likely to trust customer reviews by strangers than they are to trust brand advertising.

Because of that, effective influencers can sway potential customers to buy-in and act as trusted reviewers of your brand. Like any other marketing strategy, though, you need to take a few steps to ensure that your influencer campaign is successful.


  1. Define the Goals and Terms of Your Campaign

Before you find influencers to represent your brand, you must outline the goals for your campaign. The reason is that your goals will govern every decision that you make. Also, brand managers need to know what they’re working toward, and the influencers must understand the guidelines.

Defining your goals involves making a list of what you hope to achieve. In general, marketing goals consist of a measurable increase in brand awareness and consumer reach, including new leads, engagement, and sales. You might want to attain more customer loyalty and referrals, as well. You can help your team measure the progress by establishing milestones toward these goals.

On top of that, the influencers need to have guidelines for the content that they create. Many of them are content creators at their core, but some of their ideas may not fully align with your brand message, mission, and campaign goals. The content that they distribute should feel like an extension of your brand, and implementing guidelines can achieve that.


  1. Research and Recruit Relevant Influencers

Choosing the right influencers to represent your company’s products or services starts with research, which requires quite a bit of legwork. It’s even more complex than doing a Google search for the right journalist to publish your brand story. You need to find individuals who share your target audience, have an active following, and are capable of sustaining engagement with your audience.


There are four ways to investigate which influencers will work best for your brand. Here’s a short overview of each:

  • Manually searching for influencers involves scanning webpages and keeping track of the information that you find. This is the least efficient method because it’s so time-consuming.
  • A database is a tool that pulls publicly available data from websites so that you don’t have to. Although checking out each influencer still takes time; it’s faster than a manual search.
  • A network is another tool, but it has a connection with influencers. Each one usually focuses on a niche, and you can look at the influencers’ profiles. Through the network, you reach out to who you want to work with. However, this is the most expensive method.
  • A marketplace pulls information for you like a database, so you can look at hundreds of influencers’ profiles. You don’t have to pay a middleman, so it’s cheaper than using a network.



  1. Be Authentic and Build Empowering Relationships

To get the most out of your influencer marketing campaign, the influencers and your brand need to be authentic. Traditional advertisements aren’t as effective as they once were because people want more authentic interactions. Even though the influencers are being paid to talk about your products or services, they need to believe in them in order to be effective.

You can achieve that by building relationships with the influencers and empowering them with information and access to your brand. Developing your professional relationships shows them that your brand is a good fit for their needs. Providing information and access to your brand gives them everything that they need to develop content that’s creative and authentic.


 Contact a Public Relations Firm

Even with the above tips, developing an influencer marketing campaign is complex. You and your staff may not have the skills or time to do it either. In that case, GYC Vegas can help. This is a public relations firm Las Vegas businesses and others across the nation depend on for marketing strategy development. It even offers digital marketing and search engine optimization services.


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