Gain More Followers for Your Business Social Media Accounts With These 5 Tips

Attracting more followers on social media is a popular topic for businesses. While you can simply purchase follower bots, having organic followers is more effective. The reason is that they are consumers who love your brand and want to engage with you. Although captivating new followers can be difficult, it’s an essential element in creating a successful brand.


The Importance of Having More Followers

Most people believe that a high follower count is a vanity metric that doesn’t have a direct effect on post engagement or click-through rate. However, it tells your visitors that your brand is trustworthy. As a result, a healthy follower count impacts your brand perception. Also, social networks reward profiles with a lot of followers. To take advantage of these benefits, implement these five tips.


  1. Fill Out Your Profile Completely and Promote It

Consumers are more likely to follow your profile if it looks real, has well-designed content, and tells them who you are. Having all of these factors puts you in an excellent position to promote your profile. You can do that on your main company website and blog as well as in customer emails.


  1. Post High-Value Content

To be compelling to new consumers, you must post content that they find valuable. Many brands talk at consumers rather than with them, and they overwhelm consumers with promotions. Instead, connect with your audience on a personal level and be strategic about how you interact with them. For example, provide a balance of informational content and exclusive deals.


  1. Be Genuine

It’s crucial that you don’t try to automate your social media posts. When you have authentic interactions with your audience, your follower count will grow quickly. You can start by following the 10 most relevant accounts to your niche and interacting with some of their related posts every day.


  1. Use Hashtags When Possible

On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it helps a lot to use focused or high-volume hashtags. You can use an analytic service to determine the best ones. One strategy for using them is to put them in the first comment of your Instagram posts. This way, the photo captions remain clean.


  1. Incorporate Instagram Stories

In general, people digest visual content better than anything else. For that reason, Instagram Stories can go a long way in attracting new followers to your social media profile. Since the Stories appear in the Explore tab, anyone can see them. You can further increase your visibility by adding geolocations, hashtags, and mentions.

Using some of the features that social media networks offer can be intimidating if you’re new to this form of social engagement. A Las Vegas public relations firm like GYC Vegas can help you navigate these features. This is a PR company Las Vegas and Henderson businesses have turned to for years for social media strategy and content management services.

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