How to Work With Bloggers and Influencers for PR

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From bloggers to social media personalities, influencers of all kinds have changed how companies reach their audiences through public relations. Consumers are more likely to trust what they see influencers post and talk about on their feeds than trust traditional marketing strategies.

Influencers have such an impact on their followers’ minds and behaviors because they develop relationships with them. Fortunately, you can harness this power to benefit your bottom line. Here are seven tips for working with influencers to enhance the effectiveness of your PR campaign.


  1. Understand Your Audience

Like with any PR strategy, using an influencer in your campaign won’t appeal to everyone. For that reason, it needs to attract the right audience. By learning about your customers, you can determine the qualities to look for in potential influencer partners.


  1. Research Relevant Influencers

Before you partner with influencers who resonate with your audience, you should get to know them. Pitching your campaign to the wrong influencers can have adverse effects. The ideal way to avoid that is to research their blogs and social media on your own. Relevant influencers share content that matches your brand and connect with audiences who are interested in your product or service.


  1. Make Sure the Message Is the Same

When influencers are part of your PR campaign, their message needs to match that of your own. Their activities and content should be relevant to your brand rather than disjointed. These are the fundamentals of an effective PR strategy.


  1. Give Them Some Creative Freedom

While it’s important to provide influencers with guidelines about what you would like them to write or post, you can’t micromanage everything that they do. They’ve worked hard to build an audience and won’t accept partnerships that don’t give them the freedom to show their personalities. You’ll benefit from allowing them to be the content creation experts that they are.


  1. Stay in Touch

Occasionally engaging with partnered influencers won’t produce the results that you want. You need to stay in touch with what they’re writing, streaming, and saying. As a result, you’ll build a stronger relationship that improves your bottom line.


  1. Share Your Product or Service

It’s essential to develop a relationship with the influencers who partner with you. While you can engage with their blogs and social media posts, that will only get you so far. Sharing your product or service allows them to evaluate your brand honestly. This will be reflected in their opinions, which your customers are more likely to trust.


  1. Hire a PR Company for Help

When you don’t have experience teaming up with influencers, it can be challenging to get the ball rolling. On the other hand, you could be too busy to put in the amount of time that it requires to research and engage with influencers.

Hiring professionals, like those at GYC Vegas, is an ideal alternative. This PR company in Las Vegas can do those parts of the process on your behalf. This still allows you to build mutually beneficial relationships with influencers who represent your brand.

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