Tips for Using Your Website as an Essential Branding Tool

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When consumers don’t trust a brand, they don’t buy its products or services. Unfortunately, this era of technology is hindered by data leaks, scams, and malware. Meanwhile, advertising techniques only drive consumers to install ad blockers on their web browsers.

With so much working against you, how do you entice them to take a chance on your brand? The best place to start is with your website. Here are five tips for turning your website into a branding tool.


  1. Use a Trustworthy Domain Name

The first part of your website that potential customers will see is the domain name or web address. Because of that, it needs to be unique, memorable, and trustworthy. For instance, it should include the main keyword for your business. If you sell jewelry, selecting a domain name like “” is a good option. It’s branded with your company and instantly tells visitors what to expect on your website.


  1. Get the HTTPS Extension

As a more secure version of HTTP, which means HyperText Transfer Protocol, HTTPS encrypts all communication between your website and visitors’ computers. It’s a safeguard against data breaches, which protects consumers’ personal and financial information.

This secure protocol is also necessary because Google, the largest search engine, warns people against visiting websites that don’t have it. The search giant treats websites with HTTPS as more credible than those without it. Because of that, not having it can hurt your credibility.

On top of that, you should consider embedding trust seals on your website. These show your customers that your brand is legitimate.


  1. Provide Quality Website Content

The main reason why first-time visitors click on your website is to find information. Purchasing your product or service typically comes later. For that reason, you need to publish relevant, high-quality content. In order to get this content, you can hire a copywriter to showcase your products or services and to explain the details in an engaging, clear way.


  1. Let Your Visitors Communicate With You

Not being open to communication is one of the biggest mistakes that a brand can make. Consumers will have questions, no matter how complete your content and how well your website is designed. Those who don’t have questions will want to leave your opinions or make suggestions instead.

By offering contact details for them to reach out, you’re signaling that you want to provide quality customer service. For opinions and suggestions, you can let them leave comments on your blog. You can also use the comment section for questions, but allowing them to contact you via email or live chat is better.


  1. Give Customers a Look Behind the Scenes

When consumers engage with companies, they like to put a face to who they’re communicating with. Including photos and a description of your team makes your business look more relatable and human. It also gives your brand personality, which will build trust with your customers.

Following some of these tips might be difficult if you’re not familiar with web design. Fortunately, GYC Vegas is a Las Vegas public relations firm that has experience with designing websites and managing brand consistency. Also, this is a PR company Las Vegas brands depend on to organize and publish quality website content.


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