Why Companies Are Including Cause Marketing as Part of This Year’s PR Plan

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Given the opportunity, consumers will usually buy products or services from companies that are environmentally and socially responsible rather than those that aren’t. Brands and nonprofit organizations can take advantage of this trend. In fact, there has already been an increase in cause marketing in public relations strategies in 2020.


Understanding Cause Marketing

Cause-related marketing is a strategy that involves a company and a nonprofit organization creating a partnership. In general, the company designs its marketing campaign according to the nonprofit’s charitable fundraising needs. This partnership is mutually beneficial for the parties. Since the company actively participates in the charitable cause, cause marketing is an effective method by which it can show its social responsibility.


How Cause Marketing Works

Cause marketing has the best results when a company and nonprofit share a common synergy. Ideally, the charitable vision and mission should relate to the brand’s products or services. Also, it’s best for the company’s employees and customers to be excited about and aligned with the cause. These factors create the strongest campaigns.

In some cases, the company makes a cash donation to the nonprofit. Other times, it donates employee time, products, or services, all of which tend to have a bigger impact in the eyes of consumers. The goal is to motivate customers to take action as well, such as volunteering or donating. On top of that, the campaign will raise awareness for the cause and the company’s efforts.


Cause Marketing Advantages

Many companies will be including cause marketing in their PR strategies this year because it has several benefits. Firstly, it allows brands to reach larger audiences. In many markets, it’s challenging to persuade consumers to switch brands. However, most of them will switch if the brands support causes in which they believe.

Secondly, partnering with nonprofits allows companies to connect with their customers. Through cause marketing, consumers can see the efforts that businesses make to improve the world. As a result, they’re more likely to purchase products and services from those brands.

Thirdly, cause marketing improves employee morale. In fact, studies show that almost everyone prefers to work for a company that supports a good cause. Those who can help their favorite causes while they work are often more motivated to do their jobs correctly the first time. Also, they’re more likely to keep working for those companies, which reduces employee turnaround.

For nonprofits, cause marketing allows them to tap into the companies’ resources. In addition, it exposes their causes to more consumers.


Incorporating Cause Marketing Into Your PR Campaign

When it comes to incorporating cause marketing into your PR strategy, you should choose a nonprofit that aligns with your brand’s mission and vision. GYC Vegas can help you do the research and make the ideal choice. This PR agency Las Vegas companies trust has experience with all types of marketing and PR planning.

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