How Our Communications Transform Alongside Technology

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Just over two decades ago, sending news releases over fax was the fastest way to distribute information. Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, technology has had a significant impact on the distribution of news and communication as a whole.

Because of that, public relations professionals have had to learn more skills to shift with this transformation. With the coming decade, further advances in technology are imminent and will transform the PR industry even more.


The Importance of Evolving With Technology

With the ever-changing landscape for communication, many PR companies aren’t the one-stop shops that they once were. New technology disrupts how the world communicates, making it crucial for brands to define their audience, message, and voice.

To stay ahead of the curve, PR professionals must be able to adapt, learn from each other, and evolve. Below are three technologies that are expected to have an impact on the future of public relations.


  1. Smart Audio

Audio is turning out to be an important way to engage with consumers. Radio was once a vital form of communication because audio has the unique ability to engage listeners on an emotional level. However, it first fell out of favor with the emergence of television and then further with the internet.

Now, smart audio technologies have created a resurging interest in radio-like forms of communication. Smart speakers and streaming channels will be essential types of communication for brands across all industries. Companies have already started working toward effectively analyzing listenership.


  1. Nontraditional Social Platforms


Social media is one of the most impactful technological advancements in the PR industry. While it initially made professionals’ jobs more challenging, it made brands more accessible to their customers. As a result, high-ranking leaders are vulnerable when they make mistakes.

PR agents have already evolved with these changes over the last 20 years. In the future, they’ll likely need to keep adjusting to the rise of new, nontraditional social platforms. Snapchat and TikTok are two current examples that are valuable outlets for brands to engage with younger and niche audiences.


  1. XR Tech

The PR industry has started to see how the advent of XR tech will change communication. This type of technology includes augmented, virtual, and mixed realities. They’ve already affected how people interact with their homes, banks, and restaurants.

In addition, these technologies have changed how broadcast, online, print, and radio news is distributed, shared, and consumed. As they become more mainstream, XR tech will present challenges and opportunities for brands and PR agents. In particular, analytic professionals will have to adapt to the blurring lines between what’s real and what’s imaginary.


Las Vegas Public Relations

Evolving with the transformation of communication is especially important for brands in Las Vegas. GYC Vegas is a public relations firm Las Vegas brands can count on. Its agents already have experience with social media and digital marketing. The agency will continue to adapt their skills with advances in technology.

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