How to Humanize Your Brand and Retain Loyal Consumers

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Whether you want to expand your audience for a product, service, or blog, you need to build trust in your market. People will only purchase from your brand or visit your website when you give them a reason and show them your human side. Before you learn how, let’s discuss why it’s important to humanize your brand to attract and retain loyal customers.


Why Humanizing Your Brand Is Important

Most consumers view businesses as faceless entities with the sole purpose of making money. If your brand wants to attract new customers, you have to make them trust you. According to a 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, more than 33% of consumers rank brand trust among the top factors that influence their purchasing decisions. The best way to earn this trust is to show them the human side of your company. Here are six ways to achieve that:


  1. Engage with Customers

Through content sharing, you can inspire and encourage your audience to engage in conversations with your brand. These interactions make your brand more human, and consumers will feel attracted to you. Utilizing social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, is the ideal way to communicate with your audience regularly.


  1. Share Consumer-Generated Content

When you share content, make some of it user-generated content, and credit who made it. Doing so makes the consumer feel flattered and excited to be featured on your social media page or website. Also, it shows your greater audience that you build relationships with your customers.


  1. Make Your Audience Laugh

According to university research, social laughter leads to the release of endorphins in the brain, which can promote the formation of social bonds. Because of that, making your audience laugh can make them feel good and want to connect with you.


  1. Recognize Your Team

When consumers only see your logo, they might not recognize your brand as human. Letting your audience see who’s behind your social media posts and content is an excellent opportunity to highlight your team members and humanize your brand. You can put your team in the spotlight with quality photos on your social media and website.


  1. Show Your Appreciation

Showing your customers that you appreciate their loyalty and care about them is one of the best ways to make your brand more human. You can thank your supporters with special discounts and giveaways. If you can’t afford that, sending a personalized email to thank them can go a long way.


  1. Use Authentic and Transparent Storytelling

When you engage with your audience, always remain authentic and transparent. In fact, sharing hardships, lessons learned, and failures will help them sympathize and relate to your brand. Also, transparency fosters likability and gives consumers a reason to follow and support you.


Plan an Effective Public Relations Strategy

Humanizing your brand should be part of your overall P.R. strategy. When you want public relations Las Vegas businesses rely on, consider hiring GYC Vegas. This PR company Las Vegas brands depend on has the expertise to humanize your brand through effective P.R. planning.

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