10 Reasons to Choose PR for Your Company This Year

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It’s not easy to run a business when you have limited resources, time, and budget to make it grow. However, having a great public relations strategy is one of the best ways to use your resources to generate new business. In fact, here are ten reasons how implementing a P.R. strategy can benefit your company.


  1. Boosts Brand Recognition

Building your brand is a marathon rather than a sprint, and a P.R. strategy allows you to begin the race. Since online media doesn’t fade like traditional media, your visibility will grow for years via search engines. Any content you create will gain value the longer it exists. Best of all, bloggers, news outlets, and customers will share your content, amplifying your brand recognition.


  1. Keeps Your Brand Relevant

When you continue to implement a P.R. strategy, you’re able to keep your brand relevant. This means journalists and editors will consistently hear about and your brand, and may be more interested in covering it. In particular, it’s beneficial to use a variety of ways to create conversations, such as produce podcasts or videos about relevant subjects that amass attention for your brand.


  1. More Effective Than Advertising

Whether you earn publicity through editorial coverage, customer testimonials, or word-of-mouth, your customers or clients will trust it more than advertising. As a matter of fact, a Nielsen study found that P.R. is more effective at influencing consumers than ads.


  1. Supplements Your Marketing Strategy

Rather than compete with your marketing strategy, P.R. can support it in ways that ads can’t. Whether it’s by educating, inspiring, or sharing something useful, P.R. can provide third-party value to your customers, which will win their attention.


  1. Makes Your Budget Go Further

Every dollar spent must count for small businesses, and getting influencers and journalists to write about your brand will cost less money than paying for the spotlight. Also, organic buzz and word-of-mouth recommendations grow your brand at no cost. Your PR strategy continually works on building credibility and trust for your brand without breaking the bank.


  1. Maintains Your Market Share

Your competitors are on social media and in the news because they’re implementing their P.R. strategies. When you don’t participate, you stand a high chance of losing your share of the market to those competitors.


  1. Manages and Rectifies Crises

Unhappy customers, defective products, potential lawsuits, and employee-related scandals can create bad publicity that damages your brand credibility. One part of P.R. is to mitigate this negative publicity quickly and correctly. Not monitoring what’s being said about your brand and controlling misinformation puts your business at risk.


  1. Overcomes Barriers with Journalists

You might think that you can get your brand in the news just by creating a pitch and sending it to editors. However, journalists speak a specific language, and they’re only compelled by short, to-the-point verbiage. Your pitch needs to use the right language and be grammatically accurate to keep them from hitting the delete button. A proper P.R. pitch can achieve that.


  1. Builds Long-Term Relationships

One purpose of P.R. is to build trust that generates goodwill and establishes long-term relationships. This might seem time-consuming but is easy to maintain with a daily or weekly routine. By dedicating just 30 to 60 minutes each week to P.R., you’ll create conversations about your business and gain loyal customers.


  1. Increases Your Bottom Line

For most brands, the most significant return on investment is sales. However, it’s not the only measure of ROI. Others are referral business, speaking engagements, social media activity, and website traffic. Keep in mind, though, that increasing your bottom line happens over time.


Why Hire a P.R. Company in Las Vegas

It can be challenging to manage a P.R. strategy if you don’t have experience. GYC Vegas is an agency that helps brands of all sizes reap the benefits of P.R. Offering public relations in Las Vegas, the company can plan a strategy based on your goals, write and distribute media releases, monitor media trends and manage crises.

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