The New Year Is the Perfect Time to Review Your Public Relations Strategy

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The process of creating a public relations strategy lets you consider every element of how to spread your brand’s message. Also, it helps you maximize your efforts to make your business grow. However, how do you tell if your PR strategy is effective? The best way is to analyze each area and make changes as necessary. In fact, there’s no better time to do that than with the turn of the new year.


Why Reviewing Your PR Strategy Is Important

In a sense, reviewing your PR strategy lets you monitor your brand’s success. It allows you to determine which PR activities work and which ones don’t. Then, you know which elements of your strategy need improvement. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to review your PR strategy regularly.


How to Review Your PR Strategy

There are a few ways that you can go about measuring the effectiveness of your PR strategy. You could set key performance indicators, create your own measurement tools, or base it on achieving certain goals in a specific amount of time. In any case, breaking down your PR activities within each integrated marketing category is very helpful.


  1. Owned Media

Your email list, blog, and website are some examples of your owned media. You have complete control over these elements, so only you can make sure that they achieve results. Because of that, it’s worth investing your time to review what’s working and what isn’t. Some metrics that you should learn about to enhance your blog and website are monthly traffic, unique visitors, conversion rate, and bounce rate.


  1. Earned Media

Earned media includes published news articles, interviews and feature stories, as well as broadcast interviews and segments. It is centered around publicity that is brought to the company through editorial pitching efforts. Trends for earned media are consistently evolving, with the increasing use of social media, influencers, bloggers and contributed editorial opportunities within media relations efforts. This makes it essential to revisit often with a professional public relations team.


  1. Paid Media

Anything that you spend money on to get your brand in front of an audience is paid media. These could be print or pay-per-click ads. Since you’re paying for this media, you need to get the highest return on your investment that you can. In order to do that, you need to spend the least amount possible to achieve each result. If you’re new to using paid media, working with an expert is a sound investment and will help you avoid common errors.


Get Help with Your PR Strategy Review

Hiring a PR company is another sound investment that you can put into growing your brand. GYC Vegas is a PR firm Las Vegas businesses trust. Along with reviewing your current PR strategy, it can tweak your current efforts and help you manage every element.

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