What Black Friday Has Taught Us About the Evolution of Public Relations

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Thanksgiving is a holiday when most people spend time with family and friends while they enjoy the traditions of the season: eating turkey, welcoming Santa Claus with a parade, and watching football. Black Friday has also become part of that tradition for many of them.


In general, the public embraced the commercialism of the holiday but at the cost of American culture. Let’s take a look at what public relations firms have learned from this growing problem over the years.


The Business Standpoint

Black Friday shopping is one of the most common activities that the public does during the Thanksgiving holiday. Stores far and wide participate in the event, especially significant chains like Target and Walmart.


Decades ago, Black Friday started early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving. With time, though, stores started opening earlier and earlier until they weren’t even closed on Thanksgiving night anymore. From their standpoint, they can get more customers to purchase their products if they open earlier than other businesses. However, this trend has become a problem for PR.


The PR Standpoint

Stores that open on Thanksgiving to get a head start on the competition for Black Friday have been widely criticized for taking family and holiday time away from employees. While this hasn’t stopped them all from opening, it has made an impact for companies that don’t open until Friday.


Businesses that remain closed on Thanksgiving have gained support from loyal customers on social media. Their decision demonstrates to the public that everyone deserves to have a relaxing holiday and that their employees are just as deserving. As a result, they continue to build a good reputation with consumers.


Customers Want to Feel Special

On another note, Black Friday is a great time to make consumers feel special. They’re savvy about finding deals online and want to be rewarded for their purchases. Many of them track insider sales on social media, and instant in-store deals on their smartphones. By using the opportunity to reward customers, businesses can make them feel appreciated and, again, build on their excellent reputation.


While Black Friday is an unlikely source of inspiration for communication, shopping trends say a lot about consumer expectations. GYC Vegas is a PR company in Las Vegas that can track the trends in your market. The experienced team uses an integrated approach to strategically fuse marketing and public relations to help your business grow.

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