Why Apologizing Is Vital to Effective Crisis Management

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Whether it’s a minor or significant product defect or mishap, a business is bound to run into a problem at some point. How you handle the aftermath can mean the difference between recovering and folding from the issue. An apology can go a long way to manage a crisis when you do it right. Take a look at how.

An Example of Effective Crisis Management

At the beginning of 2018, H&M was widely criticized after its catalog showed an African American boy modeling a hooded sweatshirt with the phrase “coolest monkey in the jungle.” The retailer quickly and humbly issued a comprehensive apology on its website and social media.

Some of those who were outraged about the issue felt that H&M didn’t do enough. On Twitter, they suggested that a shortage of diversity among its models led to the problem. In South Africa, protests led to its stores closing. Also, customers on its U.K. Facebook page were furious when the company didn’t issue an apparent apology on that site. However, the quick and sincere apology prevented a more severe backlash, such as an international boycott.

How to Effectively Apologize

When something has gone wrong with your business, you can take three steps to make sure that your apology goes smoothly. Firstly, don’t try to sugarcoat the problem or soften your customers with a buttery opening. It’s essential to be upfront about what happened, and customers prefer when companies are clear and to the point.

Secondly, make sure that your apology is personal. Let your customers know that you’re working to correct the issue and how you plan to rectify the inconvenience. You don’t want to sound robotic, so avoid stuffing the apology with abstract nouns and passive verbs. While you might think that it sounds professional, such a statement becomes too impersonal.

Thirdly, don’t shy away from using the classic word “sorry.” Along with being more personal and genuine, the phrase “we’re sorry” acknowledges that your customers are entitled to be upset about the issue. Simply saying, “We apologize for the inconvenience,” isn’t enough.

Crisis Management With a PR Company

Even with these tips for managing a crisis effectively, you might find it challenging to do on your own. If you need a public relations Las Vegas company, GYC Vegas can meet your needs. Among its range of Las Vegas and Henderson public relations services, this company has experience with image and crisis management.


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