Is Amazon Changing the Way We Do PR? Maybe.

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 In regard to e-commerce, Amazon seems to be leading the charge. Along with leading the digital retail market, the giant has its hands in multiple industries: advertising, groceries, and music. Has this substantial success changed how businesses use public relations? In some ways, it has. But in other ways, it hasn’t.

The Relationship Between Amazon and PR

At its foundation, the purpose of PR is to build authority, create goodwill, and manage the reputation of a brand. Essentially, it’s about growing trust with consumers. Amazon has been successful on all of these fronts, which has turned it into a prevalent, highly trusted platform for buying and selling products. According to research, the general public trusts Amazon more than the media and government.

In addition, Amazon is a search engine for shopping. In this respect, it has the edge over social networks and Google because consumers go to its website with the intent to buy. Instead, they use social networks and Google to socialize and find information.

Incorporating Amazon Strategies Into Your Own Plan

Amazon has been able to achieve its success by incorporating three major strategies. One of them has developed over time as marketing methods have changed with the digital era. In any case, you can use these strategies to your advantage.

  1. Build Your Brand Reputation

Branding has become even more important in the online world. Consumers must remember your brand so that they can search for it and visit your website. For the first few years, Amazon didn’t advertise except for a few banner ads and radio spots. With an understanding of PR, though, the company built a reputation for its brand to attract customers.


  1. Develop an Effective Marketing Plan

Developing an effective marketing plan is one of the oldest strategies for building a successful business. This involves setting clear objectives for your company, which helps you measure your growth and success. You should also connect with your customers in emails, social media posts, and relevant content.


  1. Create In-Depth Product Pages

Over the years, Amazon has set the bar for product pages. Previously, product pages would include minimal details, only highlighting the basic features of products. Now, these pages are treated more like sales representatives. Amazon product pages are optimized for quality and clarity to sell the products on its site. Also, they include quality images and tags so that customers can find the items that they want. All businesses can benefit from incorporating this tactic into their e-commerce websites.

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