Stop Selling, Start Telling: Why Stories Are an Important Part of Your Brand

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When you meet new people, you ask questions to learn more about them. You listen to their beliefs, opinions, and ideas. In general, you want to learn their story and tell your own to connect with them. The rules are the same when it comes to launching a new business.

Why Your Brand Story Is Important
Telling why and how your brand came to fruition shapes how consumers perceive your company. It also allows them to form a connection with your brand. With the right storytelling, you can secure a foundation for a thriving brand with a successful future.

Eventually, consumers will buy from your brand just because they love your story and what your brand stands for and does. Science proves that people are hard-wired for stories because they lead to greater comprehension, receptivity, trust, and understanding. Stories engage and move us to laughter, anger, sympathy, tears, and action.

Customer experience is a vital aspect of the brand story, which is why companies are utilizing real customer testimonial services to sell their products. Not only does it provide credibility, but it allows consumers to become a part of the brand.

In another example, the camera company GoPro has dramatically expanded since its establishment in 2002. The company uses adventurous footage from customers as part of its story — consumers who connect with that adventurous side or want to be adventurous buy those cameras.

Every Brand Has a Story
You might not think that your brand has a story, but it does. Why did you launch your product or service, and what do you aim to achieve with it? Write down five to 10 reasons, and combine them to create your story. No matter how different or weird that you think it is, there are consumers out there who identify with it.

Be Authentic
When you tell your brand story, don’t just make it up. At some point, the truth about your brand will emerge and may cause severe damage to your image and reputation. Some of the world’s biggest brands have stretched the truth or completely fabricated stories, including General Mills, PepsiCo, Samsung, and Volkswagen. They ended up paying fines and settlements, and they’ve even lost loyal customers. For these reasons, it’s crucial to always be authentic and honest about your brand story.

If you need a Las Vegas public relations firm to help you tell your brand story, GYC Vegas can work with you. This is a PR company businesses rely on for a range of services, such as brand development and PR campaign planning. The company even plans and executes special events for small and large businesses.

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