How Fortune 500 Companies Utilize PR Daily

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From 2008 to 2017, trade groups paid more than $1 billion for public relations and advertising services. However, these corporations only represent a fraction of the business that PR firms get. The industry has a massive amount of influence in every market, especially among Fortune 500 companies. While every day is different, public relations agents with these types of clients regularly work toward winning over the public.


 Searching for Related Stories

Working for Fortune 500 companies requires PR agents to be on the lookout for stories that relate to their clients’ brands. They track overnight trends by reading blogs and newspapers and watching broadcast news. Also, PR agents are always looking for research, infographics, and tips for improving services and products. Then, they can use that information for speeches, media releases, and social media posts. In addition, they communicate with journalists to publish stories about their clients.


 Balancing Multiple Deadlines and Projects

Part of PR for Fortune 500 companies involves balancing several deadlines and projects. Some agents liken the work to an emergency room. There’s always something new around the corner. One minute, they could be handling a crisis for a client. The next minute, they could be entering a meeting with another client. In other cases, multiple clients may need attention at the same time. Then, they’ll have to choose which one receives their immediate focus.


 Being Fast and Decisive

The daily duties of PR agents for Fortune 500 companies demand that they keep up with the media, be decisive and ready to engage in the digital environment. To grab the attention of journalists, some representatives have to be aggressive. When there’s a crisis, they must quickly assess the situation and decide how to handle it. They need to be prepared to respond within an hour or two to prevent and de-escalate any chaos. Safeguarding a company’s reputation is a top priority.


 Networking at Every Turn

In the realm of Fortune 500 companies, PR agents never stop networking. They invite clients to dinners, shows, and sales to introduce them to potential customers, media and peers in their respective markets and other industries. It’s essential to nurture these relationships, which allows them to share best practices and learn from each other.

Managing PR for Fortune 500 companies is a tall order. However, GYC Vegas offers public relations services that fit the bill. Our PR company works with all types of companies, from small businesses to large corporations. When it comes to public relations in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada, GYC Vegas brings years of experience to the table.

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