Top Tools for Measuring Campaign Performance

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Evaluating and measuring a public relations campaign is always a topic of discussion. How a PR company establishes the effectiveness of a campaign has changed over the last ten or so years. However, doing so justifies the value of the team’s work and helps PR professionals fine-tune campaigns in the future. Here are the primary tools that professionals use to measure the performance of a campaign.


 Website Traffic and Backlinks

Comparing website traffic before and after a PR campaign is an excellent gauge of its success. Professionals can use simple visitor numbers and page views. However, digging deeper allows them to see if the campaign is reaching the target audience. This involves evaluating the traffic by visitor age, device, and location.


Also, they can monitor which social media and other sites send the most traffic to a company’s website and see how many of those visitors make transactions. Backlinks are one of the most essential tools for driving quality traffic. Along with boosting visitor numbers, they improve search engine rankings when they’re on authoritative websites. A higher ranking means that a company appears higher than others in a list of search results related to its products or services. As a result, consumers are more likely to click on its website.


 Social Media Presence

Monitoring social media has become integral to the success of PR campaigns. Journalists rely on social media to reach existing and new audiences. Part of achieving that involves creating content that audiences want to discuss and share. PR professionals can track the impact of campaign content by assessing comments, likes, shares, and mentions. However, the real reward is in the number of shares and likes that convert into sales.


 Digital and Traditional Media Mentions

While social media has become an integral form of media for PR campaigns, traditional media channels are still vital resources. To estimate the audience reached, PR professionals monitor the amount of published print and online articles that mention the client company. They also assess the quality of those articles by looking at whether critical messages were included, the tone was positive, and the brand received more focus than competitors.


In the end, outlining PR objectives before a campaign launches and meeting those objectives demonstrates that a campaign is successful. If your company needs PR in Las Vegas, GYC Vegas can provide everything that you need from start to finish. In addition, this PR company offers content management, website design, branding development, and many more services.

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