Three Genius Public Relations Campaigns That Launched Brands to Success

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When it comes to public relations campaigns, sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to make an impact. By looking beyond advertising and taking into consideration how a campaign will work in the media, a company can exceed the expectations that it sets for a campaign. In fact, there have been some significantly successful campaigns over the past two decades. Here are three brilliant campaigns that won over the public.


Mattel’s Campaign to Decide Barbie’s 126th Career

Barbie became a favorite toy for children all over the world after its launch in 1959. Throughout the early 2000s, though, interest in the doll waned. After choosing 125 careers for Barbie, Mattel let the public decide the next one in 2010. Numerous newspapers and magazines covered the campaign, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNN.

Combining the movement to empower girls with their love for the doll, more than 1 million people voted for Barbie to be a computer engineer. This choice inspired the National Academy of Engineering and the Society of Women Engineers to help with the doll’s design. Along with giving customers a doll that they wanted, Mattel generated a 144% increase in sales with this campaign.


 Domino’s Paving for Pizza Campaign

Supporting public infrastructure, Domino’s launched a Paving for Pizza campaign in 2018 after some customers expressed anxiety over driving pizza home safely. In response, the company created a microsite so that customers could directly nominate potholes for repair in their towns.

The public relations team issued a media release and ran a pilot before the official launch. The release included a link to the microsite to drive traffic. The campaign received significant social media attention. It was highlighted on several television shows and in major magazines too, including “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on CBS, “Today” on NBC, The Washington Post, Bloomberg and USA Today.

Domino’s also pushed video content and other visuals on social platforms. It included stencils, stickers, road signs and magnets with the grants that it issued to cities for paving problematic roads. The paving crews received Domino’s gift cards as well.


 Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

In 2004, Dove challenged the perception of beauty after it found that only 2% of women believed that they were beautiful. Company executives explained that they felt responsible for opening the conversation to widen society’s perception of beauty and inviting all women to recognize their potential.

For its Real Beauty campaign, Dove decided not to use professional models in its marketing materials. The PR team created educational initiatives, provocative ads, and thought leadership to promote beauty equality. The “real” women that it hired for these materials were booked on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” As a result of these efforts, annual sales nearly doubled over the first decade of the campaign.

Whether you have a new or existing brand, a genius PR campaign can launch you to success. GYC Vegas is a company that can help you build your branding and a brilliant campaign. This Las Vegas PR agency has an experienced team that provides a variety of services to manage your brand reputation too.


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