Social Media and Public Relations: Are They the Perfect Pair?

social media pr

When social media comes to mind, you likely think about Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube rather than public relations. However, the impact that the internet and social media have on public opinion has grown exponentially over the past 20 years.

Since social channels are a means of building direct relationships, and public relations is a form of communication between brands and their audiences, it’s only natural to combine these two methods of sharing information. This perfect pair has significant benefits for brands of all sizes in various industries.


 Makes You the Direct News Source

Editorial media coverage is a traditional form of PR that are still important to brand success. Journalism significantly affects public opinion about people, products, and companies. However, there’s always a risk that a journalist doesn’t provide a positive endorsement for your brand, which you can’t control.

Where you can control the endorsement is on your social media. These channels allow you to develop a credible relationship with your customers and cut out the third-party opinion. By becoming the news source about your brand, you can directly communicate with your audience.

Moreover, thousands of people share posts and stories on social media every second. Along with being an effective way to communicate news about your brand, it expands the reach of your story farther than traditional publications.


 Puts Crisis Control in Your Hands

Unfortunately, social media makes it easier for companies to misstep, creating a PR disaster. However, a PR agency can also utilize social media to put out the fire quicker than traditional media can. Audiences now immediately take to social media for information about a crisis, whether it started on social media or elsewhere.

Also, engaging with your customers on social media makes you part of the conversation. As a result, you have the chance to implement your crisis management strategy before the conversation gets out of control.


 Saves Time and Expands Your Reach

Posting news about your brand on social media saves a lot of time and reaches a much larger audience. When you connect your social media accounts and traditional PR strategies, you benefit even more.

For instance, if you have a YouTube video about your product, you can add a link to that video in your media release. Doing so not only complements the story but also brings your product to life for journalists.

You can also announce company news and share recent media coverage on your social media channels. Furthermore, having all of your accounts linked to Twitter means that the status of each channel is updated every time that you post a tweet.


 Creates New Opportunities

Along with a way to share news directly with your audience, social media opens the door to new opportunities to engage with them. Influencers are people who have large followings and the power to influence their purchase decisions because of their credibility. They may have gained credibility through their expertise or relationship with their followers. In any case, partnering with influencers to endorse your brand on social media increases your opportunities to attract new customers.

Do you need help leveraging your social media accounts to enhance your PR strategy? GYC Vegas is a public relations firm in Las Vegas that has experience creating social media strategies for companies of all sizes across many industries. In addition to launching PR in Las Vegas and Henderson, the team can develop national campaigns to build your brand.

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