Three Ways Local PR Campaigns Differ from National Campaigns 

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A public relations campaign is a means for you to expose consumers to your brand. The size of your company and target audience will determine whether you promote your brand locally or nationally.

If your company is small and only targets local consumers, for instance, you don’t need to launch a national PR campaign. Instead, you want to target potential customers in your community and interact with them. For a large company that targets consumers across the country, you need a national campaign that speaks to a broad audience, which requires less direct interaction.

Because of the different purposes of a local campaign versus a national campaign, the strategies that you use to get the word out about your brand will be different too. To create the right campaign, a PR agency Las Vegas keeps in mind three strategic differences.


  1. Campaign Message

As a local business, the goal of your brand is to attract customers to your location. A national company, on the other hand, mainly focuses on drawing customers to the brand. Because of this difference, a local PR campaign should highlight your expertise, positive customer experience and special events or promotions. It should also highlight the hours of operation at your location. A national PR campaign will mostly focus on products and services.


  1. Methods

The methods that your brand uses for a local PR campaign are more direct than if you launch a national campaign. For instance, a local strategy often involves engaging in community relations, such as holding a charity event or fundraiser, hosting a festival booth, or offering special discounts or sales. You could even pitch a spotlight to local news outlets or give away printed products around the community.

For a national PR strategy, your brand will use mass media to reach a large number of people. Some examples include stories in national magazines, features on network television channels and interviews on radio stations.

In both cases, social media is an important marketing tool. For a local campaign, your brand can turn it into an interactive experience for customers. You can reference newsworthy events or use local humor to drive attention to your brand. For a national campaign, your brand should only refer to relevant national events and make utilize national influencers.


  1. The Cost

Because of the different marketing methods that local and national PR campaigns require, there’s a significant gap in the cost between them. As a local brand, you can take advantage of earned media opportunities and free advertising options, such as pitching local media for coverage and utilizing email lists. If you go the route of promoting giveaways and discounts, you can spend as little or as much as you want. By comparison, a national campaign can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for targeted television, radio, and magazine media outreach and marketing efforts.

Are you ready to launch a campaign for your brand? Whether your company has a local or national reach, GYC Vegas can help you plan a public relations marketing strategy that achieves your goals. This public relations Las Vegas team has decades of experience and can help you plan special events as well.

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