Look Out for These Fall Public Relations Trends

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It’s never too late to gain a new perspective regarding public relations and marketing. Keeping up with the latest trends and adjusting your brand strategy allows your company to prepare for the coming season. In fact, here are a few trends that are important to follow in the coming fall.


Livestreaming Video

It’s impossible to miss the fact that videos significantly contribute to success in the digital world. However, live streaming is taking center stage with significant growth on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube services. According to research, nearly half of consumers who watch livestreams also watch more videos throughout the year compared to their prior viewing patterns. You can benefit from these patterns by incorporating natural livestreams into your brand strategy rather than scripted, well-rehearsed videos.


Niche Media Outlets and Influencers

With sponsored promotions on top-rated sites, continuously changing algorithms and other factors, it’s become more difficult than ever to reach a target audience. Because of that, there’s a shift in focus to niche media outlets. Nextdoor, Pinterest, and Reddit are a few of the websites where brands can directly engage with their audiences.


Besides, more brands are expanding their reach with niche influencer marketing. Rather than only contracting influencers with the most followers, PR companies are connecting with influencers who have substantial groups of niche followers.


Content Marketing and Performance

While you want to continue promoting your brand, it has become more critical to connect with your audience directly, thereby knocking down trust barriers. To do that, you need to publish content that educates, engages, and delivers value to your customers. This requires that you align your PR and content marketing strategies.


While publishing content is essential, it’s also crucial that the material performs well. You can do that by looking to the same metrics that your media contacts use. If they focus on social sharing and page views, so should you. Having a content distribution plan and engaged followers makes this possible.


Authenticity and Trust

The authenticity of your brand is of the utmost importance in the current 2019 PR climate. Consumers need to know that your brand embraces diversity. Also, they need to be able to trust in the products and services that they use. Fortunately, your brand can develop that trust through influencer marketing with successful entrepreneurs, technical experts, and social influencers.


Even if your brand strategy is working for you at the moment, reviewing it before the fall could highlight some room for improvement. GYC Vegas is a PR agency that can help you with the review and make suggestions to increase its effectiveness. This public relations Las Vegas firm can also help you develop marketing and brand strategies if you don’t have them already.


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