How Hiring a Smaller PR Agency Will Earn You Bigger Results

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It takes a team of people to manage pitches and follow media hits. If you’re starting to promote your brand, trying to complete these demanding tasks might be difficult, especially when you’re involved with your company’s primary operations. At this point, it’s time to hire a public relations firm to help you tell your story, communicate with your audience, and build your brand profile and reputation.


However, choosing the most prominent PR company isn’t always the better choice. Before you hire an agency, consider the benefits of going small.


The Pitch Team Works With You

A major PR agency is likely to send a team of senior managers or executives to talk with you about your brand. After you decide to hire the company, though, it will probably assign your account to junior staff members who you may never even meet.


However, smaller firms have fewer staff members, which benefits you because the team that you meet during the pitch will likely be the team that continues to work on your account. Knowing who is working for your brand fosters a stronger working relationship between you and the company.


Your Brand Is the Main Focus

Since smaller public relations companies have fewer clients, they can provide a more personal approach to working with you. Simply put, they have more time to spend on achieving your brand goals and building a partnership with you. Because of that, they’re more likely to sit down to discuss your brand strengths and weaknesses to give your brand a competitive edge in the market.


Less Costly Quality Service

Large PR firms are almost always more expensive than smaller PR firms. The main reason is that they have more overhead. However, the specialized experience that you get at a smaller company means that you get the same, or possibly better, quality of service. This experience leads to more solid media pitches than what you would get from a junior team at a bigger agency. As a result, you get the best possible outcome from your PR strategy without having to pay a premium.


Better Collaborative Environment

With fewer staff members, smaller PR companies have more intimate working environments. Because of that, the team members support each other and share their ideas. In some cases, an account is only assigned to one or two professionals. However, all of the staff members offer their advice and opinions because they tend to work with a team mentality.


When you notice that it’s time to hire a PR agency, GYC Vegas can provide quality service. A public relations team can build a marketing strategy for your brand that allows you to compete effectively in your industry. GYC Vegas handles all of the demanding tasks so that you can focus on day-to-day operations.



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