Why Combining Brand Strategy With Social Impact Is a Win-Win

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Every year, consumers ignore more advertisements and commercials than the previous year. Instead, they prefer to base their purchasing decisions on real people who have used the products or services. Usually, these individuals are social media influencers.

However, social media has its disadvantages too. When employees aren’t happy with company policies, they can turn to social media platforms to voice their displeasure. This scenario has happened to businesses like Google and Uber.

Whether you want to grab consumers’ attention or engage with your employees, combining your brand strategy and social impact can make a big difference. However, how does having a social impact strategy work?


The Social Impact Strategy

A social impact strategy is a relatively new intellectual framework in the public relations field. It allows you to view your brand in a different light so that you can reassess your internal and external engagements. Although it incorporates your brand identity, it’s designed to improve your company’s overall mission. Because of that, a social impact strategy can help your brand achieve many objectives.


Gaining Customer Loyalty

Consumers want to understand how your brand operates, and it’s a key driver of whether they engage with, buy from, and return to your company. They would instead support a brand that’s self-aware and unselfish than one that’s brash and irresponsible. Although they don’t know what happens in your office, the perception that they have of your brand is what’s important. Implementing a social impact strategy that follows your brand strategy can help you attract these consumers.


Attracting and Engaging Employees

The public awareness and audience reach that the media generates the reason corporate social responsibility exists. It’s a means of pitching your business values and mission without being obnoxious.

According to research, companies that have an active corporate social responsibility program are more likely to retain employees. They’re also more likely to engage with their workers, which ends up making the companies more successful.

A social impact strategy takes that a step further. By combining your brand strategy and social impact, your employees become proud of working for your company.


Changing the Conversation

You can also use your social impact strategy to highlight positive or negative issues in the media and arouse emotion within your customers. For example, companies have used negative phrases from the press to change the conservation into something positive. Similarly, you can evoke sentiment, happiness, or other emotions that grab their attention and turn the conversation in a new direction.


Taking a Stance

Similar to steering topics onto a new path, you can use your social impact strategy to take a stance on a topic. With the right campaign, your brand can send a clear message about its values and opinions regarding controversial matters. Once again, consumers who agree with your brand values and beliefs will be more likely to purchase your services or products.

Whether your brand is new or established, it’s not always easy to merge the brand and social media strategies. GYC Vegas is a public relations firm Las Vegas that businesses have relied on for years. In addition to developing a social impact strategy, GYC Vegas can develop your marketing strategy, help you build partnerships in the community, and much more.

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